Man left in stitches after his rescue pooch is labelled clumsiest dog ever

A man named Ryan Ross is officially the owner of the clumsiest dog in the world, but he couldn’t be happier with his furry friend Finn.

The two-year-old Boxer-Malamute cross has become an instant hit on social media thanks to his charming character, with a hilarious video compilation of his antics going viral on Instagram.

Finn’s owner Ryan told Jam Press: “He may not be the brightest mix … but at least he has his looks.”

The viral video has over 3,000 views so far and captures the very best of Finn’s clumsy personality.

In one clip, the goofy pup can be seen dropping his goggles down a snowy ski slope and having to run after them.

Another clip shows Finn trying to balance on two floating pieces of wood as they get pushed further and further apart, while a third sees him almost lose a tennis ball to a creek.

Ryan added: “He is an enormous klutz.

“Finn is clumsy, often not aware of his surroundings, so he collides with furniture and walls a lot, or tumbles down hills.

“He has even run directly in pools of frozen snow, as if he could run on top of the freezing water. Instant regret.

“A lot of people say he looks like the cartoon dog, Scooby-Doo.”

One of Finn’s most memorable clumsy incidents was when the loveable pup decided to have a play session – with a snake.

In a video, the dog can be seen sniffing the reptile before jumping and rolling on it.

Ryan explained: “It was his very first interaction with a snake and I did not expect him to roll on it without hesitation.

“I quickly stopped filming and pulled him away.

“Finn does not have good aim and the snake was unharmed.”

Ultimately, Ryan is happy he and Finn can bring a little joy into people’s lives.

He said: “I’m glad we can make people laugh.”